Monday, August 1, 2016

What not to do with your Agency’s PPC Reports?

Hiring a PPC agency seems the most popular solution to many advertisers and business owners. This is because of many reasons: they don't know how to use PPC or they tried it doing their own, but found it too complicated and time consuming. There are many reasons why outsourcing your PPC services makes sense rather than doing it in-house.

To keep you involved, a genuine PPC service provider will generate their work report on a regular basis. This report is provided to you for monitoring the work status done by the hired agency. Some reports are more useful than others, though you have to carefully read every report provided by the firm. Remember, this reporting is extremely useful for you and your client as well. And, this article brings into light some ways you should never use your agency reports.

Pedantic fault-finding over small details
When you receive a PPC report, it contains many minor details along with major analysis and high-level insights into various topics. Being an occupied business owner, you have to understand the difference between minor and major details. Don't get obsessed with minor details that will not get into big picture ever. This will take your precious time uselessly and will also bother your agency when both parties have many other important things to do.

Ignoring the reports entirely
It is true that giving huge attention to minor details is not a good idea. However, there are some people who don't read even a single point of the report and file it away. Most of the PPC agencies offer weekly or monthly reports and it's your responsibility to read this report thoroughly. Many people trust their service provider so completely and don't even bother about their account's performance. PPC performance can vary and your client may like to know these variations and their effect on overall performance. This is the foremost reason why you should check these reports entirely. A good report contains not only data, but recommendations and suggestions for improving work progress in future.White label PPC management can do lots of things without involving the clients. But when it comes to website, involvement of the client is crucial for effective results.

Taking the information and then trying to do things yourself
This is the most common problem that some clients try. They consider their PPC agency to be a training school and try to steal their skills to set up their own in-house team. There is nothing bad in having your own in-house team of paid advertising experts. Once your account reaches at a point where you need a full-time expert sitting with you to handle it. Also, it is not bad to learn PPC from a trained institute. But it is completely unfair to think your PPC firm as your training school.
If you are hiring a PPC firm just for a start, then be honest and tell them these things. Look for a firm that offers services at short-term commitment. Pretending you to be a long-term partner and then dumping the agency in three-months is a total no-no. Honesty is always the best policy for PPC too, and the best way to get what you really want out of relationship with the firm.

Do-not Try to alter Landing Pages yourself

Landing pages are the most important part of a PPC campaign. Your conversions and conversion rate tottaly depends upon the landing pages. If the landing pages are not well optimized for the PPC ads, then this will leads to low conversion rates. So before altering your landing pages with concerning the ppc agency is a bad idea. As this will change the quality score that needs a higher bids for the keywords. So we carefull about the landing pages.


Do you think that PPC report provided by your PPC agency is of less or extreme importance? If you think either way, here are some never-do things with your PPC report mentioned in this article. You must read it before treating your reports.

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