Thursday, September 8, 2016

5 Best Practices a PPC Expert Should Follow When Testing Ad Copy

As a PPC expert, it is very important for you to consistently test your ad copy and challenge your work. You need to be innovative with your work to keep in pace with the rising competition, especially from your competitors. It is the job of retailers to optimize the ad and to expand the amount of data they base their strategy on.
Testing PPC ad work helps retailers to increase the quality score that can result in more conversions, better relevancy to ad, and an improvement in the click-through-rate (CTR). Testing of ad copy includes format, value propositions and call-to-actions.

Top 5 Best practices Followed by a PPC expert are

30 Days of Testing: There is no such thing called “Too much testing” when it comes to testing your ad copy. You need to test and track the test results for a minimum period of 30 days. To ensure the tests are running correctly, a PPC expert can check the results once in every 4 to 5 days. No major changes should be made before the 30 day testing period is over. To get accurate results, you should do a testing for 30 days or so.

After the 30-day trial period is over, the PPC expert can verify the results to see the ad that has the best result by checking the maximum clicks and maximum conversion by comparing the results between two tests. They will be in a better position now to analyze which ad should be paused and find the winning ad to continue with further testing..

Consideration of Seasons: A PPC expert should not expect consistency with every 30 day testing. They should consider the season and keep in mind that seasonal changes play an important role in the performance of an ad copy.

Organized Results: A PPC expert should apply labels for each Adwords.  Labels like “constant ad vs. new ad” should be used so that they can keep a log on the performance of the each ad. It becomes really difficult to track the results of ads, whether it is good or bad, for future purpose without an organized result.

One at a Time: There will be a number of elements to test in an ad copy. An experienced PPC expert will never test many elements at a time as it becomes really difficult to manage the results. The best practice is to compare the performance of two ads per ad group at a time. They should be identical with only one element separating the two ads and should run at the same time. After the 30 days of testing is over, you can easily find out the one that is performing well and implement the strategies easily.

Try various ways: A PPC expert should try a variety of concepts and methods to test an ad copy. Before starting with the testing activity, a PPC expert needs to do research on similar products and brands to come up with a solid plan for testing.   Latest trends like “front and call-to-action” can be used for testing ad copy. But most importantly, different concepts and theories should be tried out.

A successful PPC expert is one who is not afraid of going out of the way for testing an ad copy. You need to remember that the success of an ad campaign depends upon how well the ad is tested and fine tuned.