Thursday, August 11, 2016

Avoid These Mistakes while Hiring a PPC Freelance Manager

The following recommendations have been made by experts of pay per click advertisement after working with many big as well as small companies. The most common errors in the management of paid advertising when you hire a PPC freelancer are given below:

Lack of Transparency
You must have a complete hold of your account. The PPC manager should be able to answer all your questions practically, but not emotionally. You must be aware of what she or he is doing with your account and they must give you justification in a professional manner.

Failure to Educate
A good PPC manager enjoys sharing every detail with you. He or she wants their clients to be educated about what pay per click is. You may know the basics, like what conversion rate is, what click through rate is, etc. But a good manager gives you detail why a campaign is structured and how will it be beneficial for your business.

Ignoring Actual Revenues from PPC Ads
If the person you hire does not track the revenue per click and does not know that revenue per click is different from cost-per-click, then you are missing some valuable and actionable data.

Lack of Ecommerce Expertise
Managing PPC campaigns for Ecommerce sites is very different from managing campaigns in other industries. Ecommerce sites have stiff competition and it needs constant analysis in order to avoid missing any opportunity to make revenue.

Ignoring the Setting Tab
Setting tab in your account allows you to target more relevant audience, but unfortunately, this is the most overlooked area. It allows you to set your campaign according to geography, audience, display devices, timing and network for your ad. Choosing the correct options really make a huge difference.

Lack of Campaign Structure
The structure of the campaign is another important thing. Each campaign should target a specific cluster of keywords and these keywords must be used in ad text frequently. Next, the landing page should also be specific to the targeted ad group, Mobile-targeting and computer-targeting must be separated.

Failure to Test
A good PPC Freelancer manager conducts A/B testing of your ad copy to check what is working and what is not working. Ad copies must be testes time-to-time and wining ad copy can be used in the other ad group as well.

Ineffective Budget Allocation
It is suggested allocating more budget to the most profitable campaigns. Bid higher on highly converting keywords and long tail keywords that are mostly searched by the customers to find you. Each campaign should be analyzed separately and budget should set accordingly so that you can make the most out of your investment.

Missing New Opportunities
Paid search marketing keeps on changing and your PPC freelancer should stay updated with those changes. Take the time to determine if your account can benefit from these changes, has your manager started using remarketing in your account, etc.

Not Understanding your Business
Every business is different and so are the buyers. To set successful campaigns for your business, identify the right keywords and pile different keywords in each time requires the professional a clear understanding of your business.
Keeping these things in mind, your paid advertising manager can develop an account for your market and make it perform effectively.

Hiring a PPC freelancer Manager relieves you from the overhead involved in managing paid advertising. However, you have to choose your PPC manager carefully in order to assure expected results and avoid business disasters. 

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