Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Selection of Company that Offers Pay Per Click Services in New York

There are many companies that offer PPC services in New York but it is very important to choose the best company that offers Pay Per Click services in New York. You normally Google and come up with the list. But that is not the correct way of selection. Check out the key points to be looked during selection.

Campaign Optimization

Is company doing the proper campaign optimization? It is important as it will save the wastage of your money. Campaign optimization includes improving Ad Rank, quality scores, keyword monitoring. Check if the company understand the importance of all these PPC terms

Importance: Ad Rank needs to be increased by optimizing the landing page, improving the quality score, selecting right ad format and maintaining the relevancy of the ad. High Ad rank Position will help to reduce the max CPC of the ad. Following the AdWords guidelines and making the best ad copy is essential. Selection of the right Ad extension for improving the click through rate is necessary. Keyword Monitoring is essential to remove the low performing keywords or the keywords that are not important to the business. Also, it can be marked as negative keywords or can be paused.

Landing Page Optimization

Company should be able to give you the best landing page as it helps in improving the quality score and thus save the money. So check out its importance and if the company is focusing on all these strategies or not.

Importance: Making a landing page that sent the people to a targeted and relevant page. Selecting the best theme for your landing page. Making the content of your page relevant, concise and clear for the users. Keep your contact form simple and to the point with main fields as people don’t like the complexity. Choosing appropriate call to action buttons and thank you page in tracking the conversions. Optimizing it’s setting and trying to keep it above the fold. This will help you to improve the Quality Score and finally the Ad rank. Using A/B testing to choose the best performing landing page.

Maximize Conversions

The main goal of any client is conversions. So, check out the ways and innovative ideas to improve the conversions on the site. Select that company that gives you the methods or ways it will use to maximize the conversions

How to maximize conversions?

There are many settings in the campaign that will help in achieving the great conversion rate. This includes ad rotation, ad Scheduling, bid adjustments, location targeting, device targeting and bid adjustments, enable enhanced CPC, use of conversion optimizer, pausing non-performing keywords or addition of negative keywords. Linking Google Analytics to Google AdWords and studying the behavioral and audience patterns, reach and frequency patterns to change the settings and improve the performance of the ad.  

So, select the company that offers Pay Per Click services in New York based on above points. Then you  will achieve the goals by getting the quality work and good results.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

5 Best Practices a PPC Expert Should Follow When Testing Ad Copy

As a PPC expert, it is very important for you to consistently test your ad copy and challenge your work. You need to be innovative with your work to keep in pace with the rising competition, especially from your competitors. It is the job of retailers to optimize the ad and to expand the amount of data they base their strategy on.
Testing PPC ad work helps retailers to increase the quality score that can result in more conversions, better relevancy to ad, and an improvement in the click-through-rate (CTR). Testing of ad copy includes format, value propositions and call-to-actions.

Top 5 Best practices Followed by a PPC expert are

30 Days of Testing: There is no such thing called “Too much testing” when it comes to testing your ad copy. You need to test and track the test results for a minimum period of 30 days. To ensure the tests are running correctly, a PPC expert can check the results once in every 4 to 5 days. No major changes should be made before the 30 day testing period is over. To get accurate results, you should do a testing for 30 days or so.

After the 30-day trial period is over, the PPC expert can verify the results to see the ad that has the best result by checking the maximum clicks and maximum conversion by comparing the results between two tests. They will be in a better position now to analyze which ad should be paused and find the winning ad to continue with further testing..

Consideration of Seasons: A PPC expert should not expect consistency with every 30 day testing. They should consider the season and keep in mind that seasonal changes play an important role in the performance of an ad copy.

Organized Results: A PPC expert should apply labels for each Adwords.  Labels like “constant ad vs. new ad” should be used so that they can keep a log on the performance of the each ad. It becomes really difficult to track the results of ads, whether it is good or bad, for future purpose without an organized result.

One at a Time: There will be a number of elements to test in an ad copy. An experienced PPC expert will never test many elements at a time as it becomes really difficult to manage the results. The best practice is to compare the performance of two ads per ad group at a time. They should be identical with only one element separating the two ads and should run at the same time. After the 30 days of testing is over, you can easily find out the one that is performing well and implement the strategies easily.

Try various ways: A PPC expert should try a variety of concepts and methods to test an ad copy. Before starting with the testing activity, a PPC expert needs to do research on similar products and brands to come up with a solid plan for testing.   Latest trends like “front and call-to-action” can be used for testing ad copy. But most importantly, different concepts and theories should be tried out.

A successful PPC expert is one who is not afraid of going out of the way for testing an ad copy. You need to remember that the success of an ad campaign depends upon how well the ad is tested and fine tuned.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Why PPC is Important for e-commerce Business?

Have you ever noticed sponsored ads when you search anything on Google? These are paid ads and the strategy is called pay per click advertising, a revolutionary concept in the world of digital marketing. No matter, what type of business you own, customers are important for your business to increase your sales and eventually, your revenues. Now the question is, “how do you expect to woo these customers to your online business?” The first answer is, undoubtedly, the SEO. However, not to discourage you, a successful SEO has over 200 factors behind it. The hardest part is the ambiguity around these factors that Google never reveals. Even if you master these, how could you imagine beating your competitors with organic search result who have been into it since ages? The best thing you can do is harness the power of PPC advertising for your business.

What is PPC?
Pay per click or PPC is an online advertising program that has become popular because it brings results in a quick span of time. The most tempting fact is that PPC advertising does not cost you a fortune. It is simple, unbeatable effective and cheaper. Be it Google AdWords, Facebook ads or Pinterest, everything has space for paid advertising.

Important of PPC ad Campaigns
If you are in an e-commerce business, you know how tough competition exists in the market. Whatever scenario is there, you have to struggle and top high in search engine result pages (SERPs). Although search engines have challenges for every type of business, for e-commerce stores, it is the biggest challenge. That is where PPC ads come to rescue. You need traffic and PPC advertising brings that traffic to you, simple is that. According to a report, companies that use PPC has experienced a 90-105% increase in ROI compared to the companies that don’t use proper click advertising.

Benefits of PPC for Ecommerce Business
·         You can target specific audience group through various ad groups.
·         It is a cheaper source of getting organic traffic.
·         You have to pay only when someone clicks. This means you pay only when you have visitors.

Does that mean you don’t need SEO?
The answer to this question is NO. No matter, how effective the PPC campaigns are performing, SEO is still a must. In fact, both SEO and PPC must go hand and hand together. SEO offers great long term results and PPC offers immediate results. SEO offers exposure, branding and awareness OF your business. On the other hand, paid advertising offers highly measurable and quantifiable results.
As your store starts getting visitors and sales leads through search engine optimization, you can take a pause on paid advertising. Be sure that you never stop doing either search engine optimization or pay per click advertising. You just need to find a right balance between both strategies. As well all know that search enginealgorithms keep on changing that impact your website. But is does not require whole process to start from the square one. You just need to make required changes on your website.
To sum up, when your PPC campaigns are not running properly, it can put negative effects on your online business. No matter whether you are a first-time or experienced marketer, it is important to get your campaigns reviewed by dedicated PPC experts.

SEO and PPC must go hand in hand, if you are running an e-commerce store. You can decrease the amount of investment once you start noticing organic traffic and sales leads through SEO. But don’t stop doing PPC completely.  

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Finding Your PPC Niche

In search marketing, PPC is a well suitable process for deciding what type of business you should start. You can select a profitable niche using Outsource PPC data and a few self-inquiries.
When you decide to kick start an internet business using the following technique, you can avoid some of the biggest stumbling blocks encountered by many businesses set up; selling something everyone wants or selling something no one wants, but the market is already saturated.
Let’s have a good look on how to choose an internet business and how to avoid these stumbling blocks.

1.      What Are Your Passion All About?
To be successful in life, you have to be passionate about what you are doing. Try and create time to study yourself, what you love doing most. Forget about the money for a minute and pretend all jobs are paid the same. What would you really like to do?
Some people stop their analysis while many people follow their passion but fail to make a living. Passion is critical in life, as it will get you through the tough times, but the reality is that; it is not just only to follow your passion if your aim is to make money doing what you love then, you need to follow two more steps.
i.            Is What You’re Passionate about Demanding?
Search for areas where there are good levels of search volume. However check for existing traffic streams at least in hundreds, and preferably thousands and tens of thousands. Avoid areas where you notice there is few consumer demand as indicated by low traffic levels as this might be an indicator of low demand.
You can check out if there is existing demand using various keyword tools such as Google’s Keyword Tool, WordtrackerSEOBook, Outsource PPC and so on. 

ii.            Can What You’re Passionate all About Make You Money?
You have pinpointed your passion. You have identified existing demand but many people still fail at this point because they don’t consider the prospect of turning passion and demand for money.
Have you asked yourself this question? Can I differentiate myself in order to be stand out from other people doing the same work? This is the toughest question to answer. Whatever niche you decide to choose you are going to tackle competition.
Some people may choose to offer higher skill or service level while some may choose to compete with a price; however, you have to know that your existing competitors might have already thought of those angles.
2.      Carve Your Own Niche
Another good way to tackle competition is to carve the niche even finer. Think about your background and how you can integrate your passion with what you already know in order to come out with a unique advantage.
You need to be careful with the search volume numbers and ensure you have enough volume in your niche. If your margins are high, you don’t need high volumes. If your margins are low, you’ll need to be putting substantial volume in order to make a living.
There is no magic formula in doing this, other than applying some common sense or hire a PPC freelancer. Check out what the clicks would cost you, estimate a conversion rate, determine the profit margin you need in order to cover your overheads and make a profit, and consider how many product you can deliver or a number of hours of a service.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Avoid These Mistakes while Hiring a PPC Freelance Manager

The following recommendations have been made by experts of pay per click advertisement after working with many big as well as small companies. The most common errors in the management of paid advertising when you hire a PPC freelancer are given below:

Lack of Transparency
You must have a complete hold of your account. The PPC manager should be able to answer all your questions practically, but not emotionally. You must be aware of what she or he is doing with your account and they must give you justification in a professional manner.

Failure to Educate
A good PPC manager enjoys sharing every detail with you. He or she wants their clients to be educated about what pay per click is. You may know the basics, like what conversion rate is, what click through rate is, etc. But a good manager gives you detail why a campaign is structured and how will it be beneficial for your business.

Ignoring Actual Revenues from PPC Ads
If the person you hire does not track the revenue per click and does not know that revenue per click is different from cost-per-click, then you are missing some valuable and actionable data.

Lack of Ecommerce Expertise
Managing PPC campaigns for Ecommerce sites is very different from managing campaigns in other industries. Ecommerce sites have stiff competition and it needs constant analysis in order to avoid missing any opportunity to make revenue.

Ignoring the Setting Tab
Setting tab in your account allows you to target more relevant audience, but unfortunately, this is the most overlooked area. It allows you to set your campaign according to geography, audience, display devices, timing and network for your ad. Choosing the correct options really make a huge difference.

Lack of Campaign Structure
The structure of the campaign is another important thing. Each campaign should target a specific cluster of keywords and these keywords must be used in ad text frequently. Next, the landing page should also be specific to the targeted ad group, Mobile-targeting and computer-targeting must be separated.

Failure to Test
A good PPC Freelancer manager conducts A/B testing of your ad copy to check what is working and what is not working. Ad copies must be testes time-to-time and wining ad copy can be used in the other ad group as well.

Ineffective Budget Allocation
It is suggested allocating more budget to the most profitable campaigns. Bid higher on highly converting keywords and long tail keywords that are mostly searched by the customers to find you. Each campaign should be analyzed separately and budget should set accordingly so that you can make the most out of your investment.

Missing New Opportunities
Paid search marketing keeps on changing and your PPC freelancer should stay updated with those changes. Take the time to determine if your account can benefit from these changes, has your manager started using remarketing in your account, etc.

Not Understanding your Business
Every business is different and so are the buyers. To set successful campaigns for your business, identify the right keywords and pile different keywords in each time requires the professional a clear understanding of your business.
Keeping these things in mind, your paid advertising manager can develop an account for your market and make it perform effectively.

Hiring a PPC freelancer Manager relieves you from the overhead involved in managing paid advertising. However, you have to choose your PPC manager carefully in order to assure expected results and avoid business disasters. 

Monday, August 1, 2016

What not to do with your Agency’s PPC Reports?

Hiring a PPC agency seems the most popular solution to many advertisers and business owners. This is because of many reasons: they don't know how to use PPC or they tried it doing their own, but found it too complicated and time consuming. There are many reasons why outsourcing your PPC services makes sense rather than doing it in-house.

To keep you involved, a genuine PPC service provider will generate their work report on a regular basis. This report is provided to you for monitoring the work status done by the hired agency. Some reports are more useful than others, though you have to carefully read every report provided by the firm. Remember, this reporting is extremely useful for you and your client as well. And, this article brings into light some ways you should never use your agency reports.

Pedantic fault-finding over small details
When you receive a PPC report, it contains many minor details along with major analysis and high-level insights into various topics. Being an occupied business owner, you have to understand the difference between minor and major details. Don't get obsessed with minor details that will not get into big picture ever. This will take your precious time uselessly and will also bother your agency when both parties have many other important things to do.

Ignoring the reports entirely
It is true that giving huge attention to minor details is not a good idea. However, there are some people who don't read even a single point of the report and file it away. Most of the PPC agencies offer weekly or monthly reports and it's your responsibility to read this report thoroughly. Many people trust their service provider so completely and don't even bother about their account's performance. PPC performance can vary and your client may like to know these variations and their effect on overall performance. This is the foremost reason why you should check these reports entirely. A good report contains not only data, but recommendations and suggestions for improving work progress in future.White label PPC management can do lots of things without involving the clients. But when it comes to website, involvement of the client is crucial for effective results.

Taking the information and then trying to do things yourself
This is the most common problem that some clients try. They consider their PPC agency to be a training school and try to steal their skills to set up their own in-house team. There is nothing bad in having your own in-house team of paid advertising experts. Once your account reaches at a point where you need a full-time expert sitting with you to handle it. Also, it is not bad to learn PPC from a trained institute. But it is completely unfair to think your PPC firm as your training school.
If you are hiring a PPC firm just for a start, then be honest and tell them these things. Look for a firm that offers services at short-term commitment. Pretending you to be a long-term partner and then dumping the agency in three-months is a total no-no. Honesty is always the best policy for PPC too, and the best way to get what you really want out of relationship with the firm.

Do-not Try to alter Landing Pages yourself

Landing pages are the most important part of a PPC campaign. Your conversions and conversion rate tottaly depends upon the landing pages. If the landing pages are not well optimized for the PPC ads, then this will leads to low conversion rates. So before altering your landing pages with concerning the ppc agency is a bad idea. As this will change the quality score that needs a higher bids for the keywords. So we carefull about the landing pages.


Do you think that PPC report provided by your PPC agency is of less or extreme importance? If you think either way, here are some never-do things with your PPC report mentioned in this article. You must read it before treating your reports.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

How to Make Your Website Trustworthy

A visitor can judge in few seconds that whether he/she should stay on your website or leave it immediately. The choice of the visitor can make a huge difference in your sales and income. In this regard, the trustworthiness of you site plays a key role. If a user does not find your site trustworthy he will definitely never visit your site again.

Why is Trustworthiness Important?

In modern business, where there are chances of phishing, scams, fake businesses, people have become more aware of their online activities and even clicks. And your online business also needs online transactions, so you need to be super trustful to gain customer’s trust.

There are some methods which you can use to increase trust rate of your site.

1) Strong Website Design

Imagine this scenario: You are walking on a road feeling very hungry and want to eat something delicious. Will you go to a shop with broken windows and uncovered eatables or will you go to a shop with bright lights and covered eatables?

Probably your choice would be the second one. So apply the same rules on your website, if it has beautiful and interactive design, users will automatically attract towards it. Your website design will put a positive impression on the customer.

2) Keep your Website Up-to-date

Keep your site updated is the most important thing to do. Content is the king of your site, so try to update it with unique content frequently. If you will update your search with content, more readers will engage with your site and it will also give Google more options to index your site. If you have just started a blog/site, just update its contents regularly.

Keep updating information of your products, their descriptions etc. Any outdated information on your site can lose a customer of your site.

3) Embed Secure Badges

To make your site trustworthy, you must make your customer feel safe when they visit your site. One way of doing this is to add a secure badge on your site. This way the customer can ensure that the site he/she is visiting is safe.

4) Be Active 24/7

If your website, Facebook page or any social link is not updated for a while, how a customer can make an order on your site. Keep your site updated, make a reply to your tweets, engage with you the customer as much as possible.

 5)You Should be Contacted Easily

Nowadays, online business companies just make a contact form and think that that’s enough for them. Doing so frustrates the customers and they eventually leave your site. Provide as much contact information to the customers as you can. Contact us page of your website should at least include a phone number, mailing address, and e-mail address.


To make your site trustworthy is only in your hands. If you are sincere towards your business, do apply the above-mentioned methods on your site. There may be some more methods but you just have to focus on the security of your customers and their information.