Wednesday, July 27, 2016

How to Make Your Website Trustworthy

A visitor can judge in few seconds that whether he/she should stay on your website or leave it immediately. The choice of the visitor can make a huge difference in your sales and income. In this regard, the trustworthiness of you site plays a key role. If a user does not find your site trustworthy he will definitely never visit your site again.

Why is Trustworthiness Important?

In modern business, where there are chances of phishing, scams, fake businesses, people have become more aware of their online activities and even clicks. And your online business also needs online transactions, so you need to be super trustful to gain customer’s trust.

There are some methods which you can use to increase trust rate of your site.

1) Strong Website Design

Imagine this scenario: You are walking on a road feeling very hungry and want to eat something delicious. Will you go to a shop with broken windows and uncovered eatables or will you go to a shop with bright lights and covered eatables?

Probably your choice would be the second one. So apply the same rules on your website, if it has beautiful and interactive design, users will automatically attract towards it. Your website design will put a positive impression on the customer.

2) Keep your Website Up-to-date

Keep your site updated is the most important thing to do. Content is the king of your site, so try to update it with unique content frequently. If you will update your search with content, more readers will engage with your site and it will also give Google more options to index your site. If you have just started a blog/site, just update its contents regularly.

Keep updating information of your products, their descriptions etc. Any outdated information on your site can lose a customer of your site.

3) Embed Secure Badges

To make your site trustworthy, you must make your customer feel safe when they visit your site. One way of doing this is to add a secure badge on your site. This way the customer can ensure that the site he/she is visiting is safe.

4) Be Active 24/7

If your website, Facebook page or any social link is not updated for a while, how a customer can make an order on your site. Keep your site updated, make a reply to your tweets, engage with you the customer as much as possible.

 5)You Should be Contacted Easily

Nowadays, online business companies just make a contact form and think that that’s enough for them. Doing so frustrates the customers and they eventually leave your site. Provide as much contact information to the customers as you can. Contact us page of your website should at least include a phone number, mailing address, and e-mail address.


To make your site trustworthy is only in your hands. If you are sincere towards your business, do apply the above-mentioned methods on your site. There may be some more methods but you just have to focus on the security of your customers and their information.

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