Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Finding Your PPC Niche

In search marketing, PPC is a well suitable process for deciding what type of business you should start. You can select a profitable niche using Outsource PPC data and a few self-inquiries.
When you decide to kick start an internet business using the following technique, you can avoid some of the biggest stumbling blocks encountered by many businesses set up; selling something everyone wants or selling something no one wants, but the market is already saturated.
Let’s have a good look on how to choose an internet business and how to avoid these stumbling blocks.

1.      What Are Your Passion All About?
To be successful in life, you have to be passionate about what you are doing. Try and create time to study yourself, what you love doing most. Forget about the money for a minute and pretend all jobs are paid the same. What would you really like to do?
Some people stop their analysis while many people follow their passion but fail to make a living. Passion is critical in life, as it will get you through the tough times, but the reality is that; it is not just only to follow your passion if your aim is to make money doing what you love then, you need to follow two more steps.
i.            Is What You’re Passionate about Demanding?
Search for areas where there are good levels of search volume. However check for existing traffic streams at least in hundreds, and preferably thousands and tens of thousands. Avoid areas where you notice there is few consumer demand as indicated by low traffic levels as this might be an indicator of low demand.
You can check out if there is existing demand using various keyword tools such as Google’s Keyword Tool, WordtrackerSEOBook, Outsource PPC and so on. 

ii.            Can What You’re Passionate all About Make You Money?
You have pinpointed your passion. You have identified existing demand but many people still fail at this point because they don’t consider the prospect of turning passion and demand for money.
Have you asked yourself this question? Can I differentiate myself in order to be stand out from other people doing the same work? This is the toughest question to answer. Whatever niche you decide to choose you are going to tackle competition.
Some people may choose to offer higher skill or service level while some may choose to compete with a price; however, you have to know that your existing competitors might have already thought of those angles.
2.      Carve Your Own Niche
Another good way to tackle competition is to carve the niche even finer. Think about your background and how you can integrate your passion with what you already know in order to come out with a unique advantage.
You need to be careful with the search volume numbers and ensure you have enough volume in your niche. If your margins are high, you don’t need high volumes. If your margins are low, you’ll need to be putting substantial volume in order to make a living.
There is no magic formula in doing this, other than applying some common sense or hire a PPC freelancer. Check out what the clicks would cost you, estimate a conversion rate, determine the profit margin you need in order to cover your overheads and make a profit, and consider how many product you can deliver or a number of hours of a service.

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