Thursday, July 21, 2016

Your Guide to the right PPC Freelancer

If you are among the one playing online advertising game, then at some point of time, you will definitely come to do a little pay per click – a paid advertising strategy.  A few people try to do pay per click on their own because they think that do-it-yourself PPC will allow a full control on their internet marketing practices, will secure your company’s confidential data from outsiders, will be less hassling and will save your money. Undoubtedly, you will these benefits, except the monetary benefit. If you are investing in PPC, you want it to be successful in every term. But due to lack of experience, expertise and time, you often fall behind.

In this scenario, finding a genuine PPC freelancer is the best option for most businesses with small budgets and less time due to other better things to do for your business. But if you are hiring a freelancer, make sure that you hire an expert and experienced one, and it is important to note if they are doing the right things. There are many hucksters who take advantage of their clients who are uneducated of paid advertising and get diverted from doing it the right way.

Here are a few tips to weigh up a PPC Freelancer

Certification should not be the sole parameter for analyzing the credibility.
There are no colleges offering degrees in pay per click. So it is only the certificate that serves as the best indicator of a professional freelancer. A good freelancer must be certified by Google AdWords and MSN AdExcellence certifications. Google Analytics certification is also a positive point, but the other two are important. The certification is achieved by giving a test that contains multiple choice questions that cover basic knowledge of PPC structure and strategy. So only a knowledgeable and expert person can crack the test and the certification holder assures quality work. But certification should be used as minimum qualification only. This is because there are many PPC schools that offer training of very low quality. To be sure, just make sure that your freelancer has certification directly from the search engines only.

Freelance should focus on organic work, not Tricks.
The best way to test your freelancer’s knowledge is to let them review your account and know what they can do to improve your account. Check if they are talking about tricks only or they have some knowledge of keywords, landing page and other basics of PPC. One who is an expert in gimmicks will give you short-term results only.

He/she must be updated with current PPC news.
Another sign of a good PPC freelancer is that they keep themselves updated with current trends and updates in the market. If you are new to paid searching, then you probably don’t know anything about what’s going on in the PPC. So before talking to a freelancer, take a look on the top stories and get some knowledge of the field through the websites like PPC hero, Search Engine Land, Softtrix web solutions etc.There are plenty of PPC freelancers available. Take proper time to vet an expert using above tips to reward you with better account performance.

Hiring a right PPC freelancer can be daunting due to the many options available. Certification is not sufficient to judge the level of experience, knowledge and expertise of a freelancer. Hire an expert with the certification from search engines only. 

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