Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Avoid Following Mistakes While Getting PPC Services

“Should I use pay per click or SEO for my business promotion on the Internet?” This is the most confusing questions for many people involved in the Internet marketing. Pay per click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are strong rivals to each other. Although both marketing strategies have made their remarks in the industry, PPC is getting more and more popular day by day. This is because white label PPC services offer faster results if it is done properly, that is, without mistakes in order to get excellent results.

Here are five mistakes that you should avoid while getting PPC services:

Not giving required attention to Keywords
Like SEO, success of PPC basically depends on identifying the right keywords for your campaign. It is the primary task to identifying the most relevant, searched and result-oriented keywords that will bring sales to your business. Keywords create the foundation for your business on the Internet and help your visitors and customers understand your website properly. To carry out this task, use the best and experts’ recommended keyword research tools that will help you identify only the best keywords for your business.

Bidding on Generic Terms
Generic keyword terms are useful, but when it comes to bidding, these are of less use. Bidding on generic terms is useless. Instead, put your complete focus on long tail keywords that will actually bring traffic to your website. For instance, instead of bidding on the keyword “jewelry”, bid on the keyword “diamond rings for women” to get the best results. Long tail keywords provide significant search volume and have less competition as compared to generic terms. Also, people make long tail searches to find the exact information.

Avoiding PPC Analysis of your Competitors
You cannot perform well without knowing the behavior of your competitors. It is really important to know who your relevant competitors in PPC are. There are many online tools available that allow you to look deeper into the activities of your competitors on the Internet. Remember, online competitors are different from offline competitors. You have to use these tools, pull the required data and then take required action accordingly to improve your campaigns’ performance.

Landing Page is different from your PPC Ad
Experts say that landing pages are the keys to smarter marketing practices. The content and information on your landing pages must be relevant to what your advertisement content says. It engages your visitors and only relevant as well as useful pages are able to turn visitors into customers. So it is your landing page that can result in higher conversation rates and a lower cost-per-click.

Not Tracking ROI by Keywords
Calculating Return on investment (ROI) is the major principle of PPC campaigns. PPC expert analyzes the performance of keywords on a daily basis. However, many advertisers as well as business owners ignore it. Tracking ROI helps you check which keywords are performing well and which keywords are bad. The most important thing is to pick the right method of ROI calculation and stick with it. If you start flipping back and forth in metrics, it will become so confusing for you.
Even if you are getting white label pay per click services, check if these things are followed by the experts properly.

PPC is full of benefits, even more than that of SEO. No matter you are getting white label PPC services or setting up and in-house team, there are a few common mistakes made by the advertisers and should be avoided. 

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